MOM's 5 MINUTE QUIZ-08.07.17
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1. Best answer please: ThriveHIve describes four stages of the buying process. These four stages, identified in training, are listed (in order) as *
2. Choose the stage of the purchase cycle that ThriveHive's Direct Email product will NOT address. *
3. ThriveHive's Local Listings Builder aids customers in identifying and reaching customers who are in any of the 4 stages of the buying cycle. *
4. True or False: The one sure-fire way to make sure a business shows up on the map within Google search results is to conduct a good SEM campaign. *
5. True or False: CPC ads (cost per click or SEM campaign ads) appear in only two places on Google search results, the very top of the page, and the very bottom of the page. *
BONUS Question-When and where was the first indoor football game played, and who played in the game?
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