TGBC Camp 2019 - Registration Form
Hello goon.
Let's exchange some info to get you on the road and settled into this year's camp experience.

Date: Friday 4th - Monday 7th October
Location: Alexandra Adventure Resort, 1:45 drive NE of Melbourne, VIC
Cost: AUD$500.00

1. The cut-off date for applying for discounted interstate camp tickets is Friday August 16th
2. All camp payments, part and whole, must be finalised by Friday September 20th (2 weeks before camp)
3. Car pooling will be arranged for everyone, including from the airport. Make sure you are ready for departure in the AM of Friday 4th Oct. Earlier is better. If you're here before the 4th we can help put you up at a fellow goon's house if you need it. We're good at that.
4. Past experience tells us there is some flexibility in car pooling back to Melbourne owing to people's various commitments, but we recommend booking flights for late afternoon departure or later to allow for your participation in final day activities. Whatever the case though, talk to us about your movements because we're happy to answer questions, clarify and coordinate. We have a team of goons working on this to ensure you get the most out of your time and financial investment.

Contact Wash on 0405 276 168 or

We can't wait.
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As always, we have a 100% 'don't be a fuckhead' rule we like to abide by across TGBC, and camp is certainly no exception. Are you good with this?
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