Mason Bee Cocoon Orders 2022
Mason Bee Cocoons can only be pre-ordered for in store pick up in late March through April 2022 or shipping February 1-April 15, 2022. Cocoons come packaged in boxes of 10 cocoons. Bee Cocoons prices for 2022 are yet to be determined. If you are new to raising Mason Bees you can watch our Raising Mason Bees video presentation by clicking this link and feel free to share the link with anyone you think may be interested in learning more on this topic:

Deadlines for:
- In Store Pick Up Orders February 1, 2022
- Shipping Orders April 15, 2022

Products Mentioned in the Video- While we have some items currently in stock the majority of our Mason Bee items will be available in store starting February 2022.

If your interested in any of the products mentioned please visit our online stores to purchase them or give us a call and place a phone order for anything not yet online (i.e. nesting perches).

We also have a great website were many of the products mentioned are listed and described in detail: 
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How Many Boxes of Mason Bee Cocoons Do You Want to Pre-Order? *
There are 10 cocoons in a box and a minimum of two boxes are required. 2-3 boxes of cocoons are suitable for a small vegetable patch or backyard garden. You will need at least 10 cocoons to pollinate 1 tree and those bees will require 10 nesting holes. 25 holes will support ±12 nesting females and 10-15 fruit trees under bloom at one time. We only sell recommend at a minimum 20 cocoons to start with. Many gardeners start out with fewer cocoons, but don’t see much activity. What is great about Mason Bees is that the number of bees laid grows each year. This year's bees are laying next year's bees for you. In general, you should be able to double your bees each year.
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How Would You Like to Receive Your Bees? *
Shipping Anywhere in Ontario:
You can either pick your bees up curbside (FREE) or have the bees shipped direct to you. We can also ship Mason Bee Cocoons to several other locations in Canada. The deadline for shipping is April 15th.

Shipping Details (Pricing from 2021)

February 1st- 21st shipping would be $5.00 + HST in an regular envelope.
February 1st- April 15th $18.25 + HST shipped Xpresspost (Canada Post) envelope- 3-4 business days
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