2019-2020 Professional Development Absence Request Form

**Do not complete this form within a week of the event. If something comes up within a week of the event, please call your coach directly.**

From CM Handbook:
Corps members are expected to attend every professional development event. To be excused from a professional development event, a written request must be submitted via the online link at least one month prior. Teach For America staff reserves the right to deny any request depending on the validity of the rationale. Sufficient documentation is required for all requests.

Excusable absences include:
• Weddings in which the corps member is part of the wedding party.
• Funeral
• Illness (with a doctor’s note)
• Religious observance
• Significant family emergency (e.g. unexpected illness of family member)

Optional events at corps members’ schools (i.e. voluntary or extracurricular activities that are scheduled in advance: Saturday school, coaching, etc.) will not constitute an excused absence.

1. Complete this form AT LEAST one month in advance to request an absence for an upcoming Teach For America- Jacksonville professional development event.
2. Email supporting documentation to Jamie.Luedtke@teachforamerica.org. (i.e. doctor’s note if you are ill, email/letter from principal if involved in mandatory school event, etc.)

Please note that this is a request, not a guarantee that your absence will be approved and excused.

Then What Happens?
Upon submitting the form, your request will be sent to the appropriate contact person. We will determine whether your request is approved based on your situation and the policies stated in the CM Handbook. We will then contact you with the final decision and next steps.

Have Questions?
Please direct questions to your coach. You can also refer to the CM policy handbook.
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