Vmps Team Waiver

By selecting the “agree” box associated with this waiver and release from liability, I hereby voluntarily agree to join the Vmps Triathlon Team and participate in team activities designed and administered by the coaching organization Vescio Multisport Performance Systems, its authorized agents, employees and contractors, (individually and collectively, “VMPS”).

I hereby declare myself physically and mentally sound and suffering from no condition, injury, impairment, disease, infirmity, or other illness that would prevent my participation in the team activities. I acknowledge VMPS has recommended that I obtain a physician’s approval prior to my participation in team activities. I further acknowledge that I have either had a physical examination and have been granted permission by my physician to participate on this team, or I have decided to participate in team activities without my physician’s approval and do hereby assume all responsibility for my participation and activities. I acknowledge and understand VMPS is not staffed by trained medical professionals and that any information provided by the VMPS neither constitutes nor serves as a substitute for medical advice.

Although VMPS shall exercise reasonable precautions to ensure my safety, I acknowledge and understand that I will be engaging in activities that may pose inherent risks, including but not limited to, bodily injury. Additionally, there may be other risks not known or not reasonably foreseeable at this time. I hereby assume full responsibility for all the foregoing risks, known or unknown, and waive all claims of injury to my body and/or property or of death, including but not limited to claims in tort, contract, equity, or otherwise, that I may have against VMPS in connection with the activities of the team regardless of whether or not such activities are undertaken in the physical presence of VMPS.

I acknowledge and agree no warranties, representations, or guarantees of any kind, expressed or implied, have been made to me regarding the results I will achieve from participating in team activities. I understand that VMPS will prescribe the most effective methods within the scope of its knowledge to help me achieve my goals, but actual results may vary based on factors beyond the control of VMPS, including by not limited to, degree of adherence to the provided recommendations. I further acknowledge that the team activities may be tailored by VPMS to suit my goals and physical abilities and may be unsuitable, or even dangerous, for another individual to undertake. I therefore agree that I will not share any information provided by VMPS, whether verbal or written, with any other person.

I acknowledge I have read this document in its entirety and fully understand it is a Waiver and Release of Liability. I, or my respective heirs or assigns, do hereby discharge, waive, release, and otherwise hold harmless VMPS and its respective representatives, heirs, or assigns from any and all liabilities, claims, losses, damages, or causes of action (collectively “Claims”) that may arise from or in any way relate to my participation on the Vmps Triathlon Team. I represent and warrant I am agreeing to the complete scope of this Waiver and Release of Liability freely and willfully and not under fraud or duress.

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