Executive in Residence - Application for Nonprofit Organizations
SAF's Center for Community Leadership and Nonprofit Excellence is opening applications for its Executive in Residence program which allows for nonprofit organizations in our region to apply for one-on-one support from one of our executives in residence. Through the support of the Moses Taylor Foundation and the Scranton Area Community Foundation, this direct training and assistance will be free of charge for nonprofit organizations.

The one-on-one direct support offered by the professionals and experts in specific fields and disciplines is intended to assist nonprofit organizations with specific issue areas, an upcoming project, or an area where the organization would like to grow its capacity. The executives may provide hands-on assistance, expertise, coaching and/or knowledge to help accomplish a particular organizational goal, and to help build the organization's capacity for the future. Nonprofit organizations who are accepted to the program will be authorized for a particular number of hours with an executive with the expertise that would best meet their needs.

All support provided by an Executive in Residence will be held in strict confidence, with both the executive and the nonprofit organization leaders signing confidentiality agreements. The Scranton Area Community Foundation will only track information relevant to running the program, such as time worked by the executive and the establishment and success of meeting targeted goals. The Foundation will not be made aware of specific items discussed between the organization and the executive, and will not need to be made aware of the goals created between the executive and the organization. Additionally, an organization's application to the program will be held in strict confidentiality.

The Executive in Residence program will run from January through June of 2019. Organizations are urged to submit their applications as early as possible to ensure their opportunity to participate.

For questions about the program, please contact Maggie Martinelli at Maggie@safdn.org.

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