Please fill out this form to become one of our VIP taggers for the upcoming sale.

Here are requirements:
1- You must consign once before becoming a VIP tagging coordinator to learn our system and how to price.
2 - You will coordinate on our behalf with the VIP consignor to get their items
3 -You will have them sign one of our VIP Consignor Waivers (and bring with their merchandise to drop off).
4- You will prep, tag and store their items until our next sale.

You will make $10 for each consignor you tag + 15% commission on all their sales.
You get to shop before the public during our presale hours.

Full Name
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What's your email?
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What city/town do you live in?
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How many miles are you willing to travel to pick up VIP consignor inventory *
How many VIP consignors would you like to take on?
You will inspect clothing and shoes before tagging them and list number of rejected items on their waiver. *
You will check strollers, car seats and other baby equipment for recalls at and reject anything that is recalled. *
You will take note on the waiver of how many hangers you use on clothing items that need to be hung. JBF will reimburse you $.10 per hanger. *
You will price all items using our general pricing guidelines & allow the consignor up to 10 items to be priced by them (these must be written on the waiver) *
You will store items for your VIP consignors until 4 weeks before the sale, when you can start transferring them to our storage unit in Monroe, CT, or store and bring during sale drop off day. *
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