Volunteer Opportunities for The Campaign Against Hunger (TCAH)
Hello!  This form lists the most urgent projects TCAH (one of Brooklyn's largest food pantries) needs help with.  Any Qs can be directed to me at: alexie.muriel@werepair.org / 201-616-8686.  Once filled out, I'll get to you with Volunteer Schedules soon (answering 'Yes' does not mean you automatically commit to help regularly). Thanks so much!  *Note: All volunteer opportunities require you bring your own mask*
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I'd like to volunteer at TCAH's new Warehouse Pantry at their 457 E 101st Street Location (Canarsie).  Every Mon-Sat, from 9:30AM-12PM or 1PM-3:30PM.  (About 8-10 ppl needed per shift) *
I'd like to volunteer at TCAH's Far Rockaway Farm at their 385 B 45 Street Location.  Every Mon-Fri from 10AM-12PM.  (About 8-10 ppl needed per shift) *
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