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We want to enhance our impact and reach, so here is where YOU enter into the discussion. We are searching for people that are interested in improving mental health education and support for young people. People that believe mental health is one very important topic, meant to be present in schools, universities, all environments and be taken out from the stigma and that the best way to do this is to work collaboratively sharing our practice across cultures.

Please fill in the below and we'll get back to you asap - remember this isn't an application form, just information that is useful for us to ensure you are offered relevant opportunities with appropriate support.

- Lived in Europe for at least 5 years when under 18.
- Currently lives in Europe
- Can commit at least 2 hours a month

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Why you would like to be involved in EuroYouth MH?
Be concise and underline the main reason why you want to contribute to the organisation and what will motivate you.
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What would you like to help with?
Social media, setting up, admin, expert by experience, trainer, campaigns, financial process, program design, fundraising, training, blog posts
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What are the most important skills you can bring to the team *
Underline around 3 important skills that you have and can be your contribution to the team - we especially want to know if you have personal experience of mental health problems, thus have expertise to share and/or have experience of facilitating and running training/workshops.
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How much time can you commit?
Would you like to be offered ongoing opportunities or give us a specific amount of time (e.g. 2 weeks) to work on a 1 specific task with us or anything in-between??
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What will be a massive demotivator for you?
What will be some of the reasons that could stop you in dedicating time to the organisation?
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Lastly, please let us know of any additional needs (mental, physical, dietary, sensory, intellectual etc) you think are important we know. *
This is so we can support you appropriately to access opportunities in a supportive manner. (write n/a if you do not think there is anything we need to know).
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