Chatham Public Safety Petition
Open to all residents of Chatham, New Jersey 07928 over the age of 18Signatures represent individuals and each member of a household should sign separately.

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We sign this statement to appeal to the New Jersey State Legislature and New Jersey Attorney General to restore the time-tested laws, policies and approaches that existed prior to the recent rise of crime in our state and in the Chathams. In just the last 2 years car thefts, property theft and home break-ins have escalated. Too many of these crimes are perpetrated by the same people, known to law enforcement. We need action at the State level to revert the recent “reforms” that created the current system of catch-and-release and return to time tested approaches. We believe a restoration of traditional approaches will protect property and people, including those involved in these crimes. Returning to known, effective approaches and solutions will enhance the safety and security of our neighborhoods.
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