Kawaii & Creative Workshops in Japan Survey
Hello everybody! Thank you for taking time to answer this questionnaire.

The creative team is currently conducting a survey in preparation for the かわいい + creative workshops launching this Spring 2017 in partnership with Mimiclaire's Kitchen Studio (http://mimiclaireskitchenstudio.com) located in Saitama prefecture, Japan. From Shinjuku, it takes about less than 30 minutes to reach Saitama.

Main workshop goals / objectives:
1. To share useful knowledge based on personal experiences & actual profession
2. To inspire the participants to start a new hobby or cultivate their existing passions
3. To have fun together while creating!

Each workshop can accommodate 8 people max. The team will provide workshop kits for everyone.

Meet the Creative Team:
· Kaila Ocampo (@rainbowholic) - JapanLover.me Founder | Kawaii.PH Co-founder | Content Creator
· Anne Pinero (@anammmoon) - JLM Creative Designer | Kawaii.PH Co-founder | Photographer
· Allie Principe (@foureyedwonder_) - Architect / Designer

· Kaila - http://the.rainbowholic.me | http://rainbowholic-shop.com | http://rainbowholic.tv
· Anne - http://anne.kawaii.ph | instagram: @photobyannepinero | http://hyperstrokes.tumblr.com
· Allie - http://thefoureyedwonder.com | http://instagram.com/happyhobonichi

Kawaii Journaling ✨ Dreams ✨ Passion ✨ Positivity ✨
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