SpaceBug SMP Helper Application
So you want to be a helper, eh? Well, this is the right place for it. Please take a few minutes to fill out all the questions below. The questions marked with a star are required. If we like your application, and are looking to add more helpers, a member of our staff will reach out to you. That being said, it is important that you do not bug us about looking at your application. If you do, it's likely you won't be chosen. If you haven't heard from us, it doesn't necessarily mean that you weren't chosen, it just means we don't need any additional helpers at that time. So take your time, be honest, and thanks for applying!
What's your ingame name? *
How old are you? *
What Time Zone are you in? *
How long have you been playing on *
How often do you check the forums? *
Why do you want to be a helper? *
Have you ever been banned or muted? If so, please explain why and when *
What do you know about our core plugins? *
Helpers need to have skype for ease of communication between staff members. If you don't already have skype, will you be willing to create an account if you are selected as helper? *
Are you going to ask us to look at your application? *
Do you understand that this won't give you any extra benefits (other than /kick and /mute) as a player and is strictly just something to alert new players that you are there to help? *
Situational Questions
These are just a view questions about situations you might come across. For these situations, briefly answer how you would react or handle it. Please include whether or not you would alert the mods/admins.
Someone is using a bot to log in with many accounts *
A player joins and claims they are from planetminecraft and must speak to the server owner immediately otherwise the server will be shut down *
A player joins and threatens to Hack/DDoS if they aren't given special privileges (op or similar) *
A player is using extremely vulgar language in chat *
You notice another Helper abusing his/her powers *
Two players have been bickering in public chat for the last 10 minutes over something trivial (ie, someone got killed and wants their stuff back, etc). *
A new player joins and (because they are very lazy) refuses to read signs at spawn and demands help. *
Someone claims that they were scammed in a drop-trade *
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