2017 Birthday Fundraiser Prizes
Thanks so much for offering to help me build excitement for my 7th annual Grind for Life fundraiser. Offering prizes to my donors has helped me to raise more than $15,000 for this non-profit. Please answer the questions below to streamline the process for me. (P.S. You can read more about my fundraiser here: http://wp.me/p4uWU3-1ML)
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Just in case I have any follow up questions.
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The item(s) you would like to donate: *
Please provide as much info as you can including how you'd like me to title the item(s), and any special details or sexy info that will make it exciting.
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Approximate retail value: *
All donations are welcome - this info just helps me to decide how best to promote your donation.
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Social media handles
If you'd like me to tag you or your company on social when promoting, please tell me your social handles. Most promotion will take place on Instagram and Facebook but I will also be tweeting.
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Shipped, or local only? *
Please note that I'll ask you to ship your prize to the winner (only US shipping addresses will be eligible). However, in the past I have also offered "local" prizes to Chicago donors. Please tell me below if you will ship your item, or if it's something I should promote as a local prize. (Examples: A cake from a Chicago bakery, a tattoo from an Austin tattoo shop, etc.)
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Any details I missed? Questions you have? Want to tell me my hair looks good? Here you go.
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