Kashmora[Skipcity,Oct 30th 2:00 PM]
About the Movie
Kaashmora (English: Deadly Spirit) is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language dark fantasy film written and directed by Gokul. It features Karthi, Nayantara, Sri Divya and Manisha Yadav in the lead roles.] Santhosh Narayanan composed the film's score and soundtrack.

Movie Screening Details/上映情報
Date/実施日: October 30th, Sunday/10月30日(日)
Time/実施時間: 13:30~ [Movie Starts @ 14:00/上映は14:00から]
Place/実施劇場: SKIP CITY VISUAL PLAZA/ SKIP シティビジュアルプラザ
3-12-63 Kamiaoki, Kawaguchi/上青木,川口市
Ticket Details/チッケト販売中
Adults/おとな : 1,800 JPY
Children/こども : 1000 JPY (1 Kids free each family)

At the Theater(if No prior Reservation)/劇場窓口(事前予約なしの場合):
Adults/おとな : 2,300 JPY
Children/こども : 1000 JPY

Only limited seats are available/座席数が限られています。
Seats allotted only on prior payment/事前振込みした場合は座席指定が出来ます。
Rush for your Reservation/お早めにご予約をお願いします。

Registration Details/登録情報
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No of Adults/おとな 数
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No of Kids aged 5 ~15/子ども 5才~15才 数
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Mode Of Payment/お支払方法
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Nearest Station/最寄駅
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Access Details/交通アクセス
JR西川口駅東口からバスで約9分 / Theater is 9 min.by bus from - NISHI-KAWAGUCHI Station east exit bus stop
5番のりば,[西川09]「上青木循環」に乗車し「総合高校」で下車してください/ Please take Bus No 9 from Platform No 5, Get down at SOKO GOGO.

JR川口駅からバスで約13分/ 13 min by bus from JR KAWAGUCHI Station
7番のりば,[川19][川20]/ Platform No7.Bus No.[川19][川20]
8番のりば,[川23]/ Platform No8.Bus No.[川23]
9番のりば,[川18]/ Platform No9.Bus No.[川18]
「総合高校」で下車してください / Get down at SOUGOU KOUKOU

〒333-0844 埼玉県川口市上青木3-12-63 彩の国ビジュアルプラザ
3-12-63 Kamiaoki, Kawaguchi city, saitama ken.

Contact Details/お問い合わせ先

090-9845-9681 (SB) - [English,Japanese/英語,日本語]
080-4604-4480 (SB) - [English/英語]

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