Project preferences 2023/24 questionnaire
Please rank the proposed projects according to your preferences. Please note that no two projects can have the same rank (for example, you are not allowed to assign rank 3 to two or more projects).

Rank 1 means that the project is the first on your preference list (you like the project very much), rank 11 means it is the last on your preference list (you don't like it very much)

*** The last project (MDU only) is the special one - only MDU students can participate, thus assign rank higher than 11; POLIMI and FER students - please rank it as 11th !!!

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Scroll the form left-right to see all the rank columns (1-11). Choose the rank for each project, make sure that you do not use the same rank more than once (there must be one selection per column and per row).
Platform for biometric research (FER, Visage)
App for learning to read (FER, Visage)
Trying on virtual makeup with voice commands (FER, Visage)
Developing a Digital Twin Demonstration for Integrative/Human-Centric Lighting Asset Management in Public Libraries (MDU)
Demonstrator for API exploration and testing research (MDU, ABB)
Gamification Quest Editor (MDU, FBK)
A tool for change impact analysis (POLIMI, ARCAN)
A Food Delivery platform with Apache Flink (POLIMI, MIA Platform)
Littering Reporting and Disposal (POLIMI, GSSI)
Optimizing the site selection of EV charging stations (POLIMI, Atlante Energy)
SmartRoom (MDU only!)
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