Grade 6 Mathematics "Presidents' Test"
Directions: Read and answer questions 1 through 10. Refer to the reference sheets for all items.
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1. What is the x-coordinate of point P on the coordinate grid? (Refer to #1 on the reference sheets.)
2. A rectangular prism is shown. Which figure represents the net of the rectangular prism? (Refer to #2 on the reference sheets.)
3. Omar has 2 3/4 cups of dough to make dumplings. If he uses 3/16 cup of dough for each dumpling, how many whole dumplings can Omar make?
4. Erica drew a parallelogram. Which expression can Erica use to find the area of the parallelogram? (Refer to #4 on the reference sheets.)
5. What is the value of 5/6 -:- 3/7?
6. A museum has an aquarium in the shape of a right rectangular prism that is 22.9 meters long, 7.5 meters wide, and 4.6 meters high. What is the volume, rounded to the nearest cubic meter, of the aquarium?
7. The right rectangular prism shown is made of equal-sized cubes. The side length of each cube is 2 1/2 inches. What is the volume, in cubic inches, of the right rectangular prism?
8. The water level in an ocean bay changes at an average rate of 3 meters per hour. At this rate, how many hours would it take for the water level to change 12 meters?
9. The picture shows the five houses on Maple Street and the five houses on Oak Street. Each house on Maple Street is six more than the house number to its left. Each house on Oak Street is eight more than the house number to its left. How much greater is the house number of the last house on Oak Street than the house number of the last house on Maple Street? (Refer to #9 on the reference sheets.)
10. The net represents a three dimensional object. Which three dimensional object can be formed from the net?
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