FGJ Scholarship: Lyst Game Jam 2017 (DK)
Finnish Game Jam ry is proud to announce our fifth jam scholarship! In collaboration with Lyst Summit we are sending TWO jammers to Copenhagen to the wonderful Lyst Game Jam (http://lyst-summit.org/game-jam/). The jam will take place in connection to Lyst Summit in 9th-11th June 2017.

To make the trip easy, we are awarding two jammers a ticket and a 300 eur for travel expenses. We are looking for prominent jammers willing to represent Finnish game jamming scene and bring back the lessons learned to the community. The candidates for the scholarship is selected based on the applications sent prior to Monday 8th May 2017 16:00 (GMT +3). A great applicant has participated to at least one FGJ game jam between 2010-2017 and has a broad experience on game jams in Finland (and/or elsewhere) as well as an interesting portfolio of game jam projects.

Finnish Game Jam ry will offer TWO scholarships, both including:
- 1 ticket to the jam
- 300 eur for *travel and accommodation expenses* (will be paid after the trip in return for receipts sent within two weeks of the trip and a travel report – participant will book his/her traveling tickets and accommodation by him/herself)

As a great applicant:
- You have experience on game jams and have a record of interesting game jam projects.
- You are over 18 years old.
- You are a great team player.
- You have been participating to at least one Finnish Game Jam event between 2010-2017.

The applicant will commit to:
- Travel and participate to the Lyst Game Jam as part of a game jam team.
- Write a short travel report (including photos) of the jam to be published at the Finnish Game Jam website (see an example here: http://www.finnishgamejam.com/jam-report-train-jam-2016/), latest 2 weeks after the event.
- Cover the rest of the travel and accommodation costs.

The applicants are notified via email latest on the 14th of May, and the selected candidate is required to confirm his/hers participation within a week from the notification, after which the scholarship is handed to the next in line.

Read more about the wonderful Lyst Summit here: http://lyst-summit.org/

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