Abolition 2000 webinar on global nuclear disarmament events and campaigns
Date: 10 April, 2019

Session 1: Scheduled to enable participation by those in Asia and the Pacific:
Time: 9:00 Islamabad (Pakistan), 9:30 Dehli (India), 10:00 Almaty (Kazakhstan), 12:00 Perth (Australia), 14:00 Sydney (Australia), 16:00 Aukland (New Zealand), 9th April, 18:00 Honolulu, (United States)
Session 2: Scheduled to enable participation by those in the Americas, Europe and Africa:
Time: 9:00 San Francisco (United States), 10:00 Edmonton (Canada), 12:00 Santiago (Chile), 16:00 Reykjavik (Iceland), 17:00 London (United Kingdom), 18:00 Berlin (Germany), 19:00 Amman (Jordan), Mosco (Russia)

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