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The CoopSpace is a self-organised co-working community, focused on new ways of collaboration, participation, relating and being. The community is a hub for sustainable organisations and projects working at the intersection of cooperativism, open-source software, design thinking, mind-body work, community building and new forms of governance.
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Welcome to our relaxed lobby area!
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This is our main working space where you would manifest your projects
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Have you been involved in co-creative and self-organised groups or organisations? If yes, what were your experiences? If no, what would you like to learn about it? *
This is a co-creative community. Each member is contributing at least 3h per month according to their gifts and the needs of the space. What are the unique gifts you would like to bring to the community? *
We are currently organised in various domains. Which one would feel drawn to joining? *
Our main event and meeting space where our culture emerges
Do you already know which type of plan are you interested in? *
For more details, have a look at page 6 of the flyer, here:
Feel free to leave your phone number, if you are open to talk also via phone call.
Our kitchen space to finish our tour and chat around a cosy warm drink
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