AAP Undergraduate Committee Survey

The Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP)  wants to hear from you!

To help forge new experiences within the Australasian philosophical community, this survey intends to gather information so that we can create initiatives that best serve Australasian undergraduates’ interests.  

Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey about undergraduate engagement.

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How familiar are you with the Australasian Association of Philosophy?


How likely would you be to attend an undergraduate summer/winter program conducted by the AAP?


How interested would you be in presenting at the AAP’s annual conference?


How interested would you be in an academic (or graduate student)-led reading group?


How interested would you be in attending a non-undergraduate AAP events? E.g. the APP Conference

What philosophical events would you be interested in attending that the AAP could coordinate?

Would you be interested in attending academic-advice workshops?

If so, which of these workshops would you be interested in attending?

How interested would you be in mentorship opportunities (with academics, post-graduate students and/or graduate students)? 


Please suggest any ideas or projects that would facilitate engagement in the Australiasia philosophical community.

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