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If your PC is experiencing an issue following the installation of an NVIDIA display driver and you are able to reliably reproduce the issue, we welcome your feedback by completing the form below. We understand some questions are more advanced and therefore we do not expect all users to be able to know the answer every question below but we do encourage you to fill out the form as best you can.  Most of the fields in the form are not required so if there is a question which you are unsure of, we ask that you answer with "I don't know" or leave blank rather than provide an incorrect answer.  

Please note, this form is for providing driver feedback only and you will not receive a response unless we require further information. If you require technical support, please visit our NVIDIA Support site where you may contact our NVIDIA Customer Care team.


The information you share below is only used to address your technical issue with your graphics card and is not used for any marketing nor other commercial purposes . For more information on NVIDIA's privacy policy, please visit:

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Provide the graphics card make and model or NVIDIA GPU model.
Enter the display driver version for your graphics card.  Please note if you are providing feedback for an older driver, please verify your issue still exists with the latest NVIDIA display driver available.  We will only look into issues that are affecting the latest NVIDIA display driver release.  http://www.geforce.com/drivers
Enter CPU make and model:
Enter the amount of system memory (RAM) installed in your PC
Enter your PC desktop or notebook make and model (or motherboard model if you have a custom built PC):
Monitor(s) make and model (if you are using a VR Head Mounted Display, please include this as well).  Please note: List all monitors which are connected to your graphics card even if you are only seeing an issue on one of the displays as some bugs may only appear when multiple displays are enabled.  
Sound card make and model:
Please provide the Windows operating system version and build number. For more information, please visit: http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3831
Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling
Microsoft introduced a new feature called "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling" (HAGS) with the Windows 10 May 2020 Update.  This setting will appear in the Windows Settings under "Display"  -> "Graphics settings" if a WDDM 2.7 display driver is installed.  Please indicate if "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling" is enabled or disabled.  The default setting for "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling" is disabled so if you are unsure or do not see this setting, please choose "HAGS Disabled"
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When did the issue you are reporting begin?
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Is your graphics card manually overclocked/factory overclocked?
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If the bug you are seeing occurs in one or more applications / games, please provide the title of at least one of these applications / games.
Some games and applications allow users to choose which application programming interface (API) to be used to render 2D and 3D and compute applications. If you are submitting a bug with a particular game/application that supports multiple APIs, please select the API you are using. If you are not familiar with graphics APIs, please select "Default/I do not know".
Screen Mode
If you are reporting an issue with a video game and the game has advanced settings to choose the screen mode, please select which mode your game is running at:
Describe the display driver issue you are encountering. Please confirm your issue can be reproduced more than once.
Steps to reproduce
List step by step instructions for reproducing your issue below.  Also indicate if you have changed any settings in the NVIDIA Control Panel from the NVIDIA default settings and if you are using any NVIDIA features while reproducing the issue (eg. GeForce Experience Instant Replay, Ansel, Freestyle, Performance indicator, etc.).    
How often are you able to reproduce this issue?
At times we may have further questions about an issue. If you are willing to be contacted should we require further information, please provide your name and email address.
Please select the country which you reside in. Certain bugs are regional and may require using the same operating system region as the customer reporting the problem.
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