Mafia Survey
Hello, fellow browsers of the forum! Today, we'd like to ask you for some feedback regarding the mafia games that are run on the site. We would appreciate your candid feedback in the following questions. Just a few minutes of your time can help us learn what must be done in order to improve the scene of forum mafia.
Which of the following mafia games have you participated in? *
Do you prefer regular set-ups (24 players) or mini set-ups (12 players)? *
What times of the year do you have the most free time for mafia? *
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Would you play two concurrently running mafia games at the same time if given the opportunity? *
What drove you to sign up for past mafia games? *
What did you enjoy about past mafia games? Please type your answer below.
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What did you not enjoy about past mafia games?
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What do you think could help improve future mafia games?
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Do you have more general comments?
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