Birds of a Feather Event Registration
Let's get together with our fellow Perlers! Do you have a gathering you'd like to host? Do you need room space to do that? We'd love to help! By registering your BoF early you can guarantee the most visibility through promotion.

All BoF proposals must be approved by The Conference Organizers. Registration does not guarantee room assignment. Rooms will be reserved for BoFs on a first come, first served basis.

Registration submissions will be accepted until May 1st.

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What will attendees be doing during your BoF? This description will be used in any TPC directed advertising, so make is succinct but descriptive.
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There is no guarantee that you will receive a room on the night you choose. We will do our best to accommodate all requests, and will contact you for alternate dates if needed.
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This can be a range, and doesn't need to be terribly accurate. It helps us know which room to assign. (Optional)
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This can be used to help show advanced interest in your event
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Fees can be collected to cover any costs you may incur hosting the BoF. Eventbrite takes a fee from each ticket sold. For a $5 ticket, the fee would be $1.27. For a $7 ticket, the fee would be $1.37. For a $10 ticket, the fee would be $1.53. The fee is absorbed into the ticket price, and would reduce the amount you receive by that much.
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