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Please complete this form and submit to be considered for a schedule change. Be specific so that we might better assist you, and please check your email to see if we have responded to you. If you have not heard from us - as this is a busy time, please stop in the Counseling Center to see your counselor! THANKS!
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Seniors, are you needing to add a course that you need to graduate, or are you seeking to graduate early?
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Please provide any other information that you think is pertinent - such as what course you would like to add or drop, wonderings you might have, etc. This will help us to better help you!
If your request is approved, we will EMAIL you to prompt you to come to the Counseling & Career Center - or we will call you down. In the meantime...please go and enjoy your classes.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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