Hill-Murray School Technology: Acceptable Use Policy
The use of technology at Hill-Murray School continues to expand with new equipment and applications offered each year. The use of technology at school, including the Internet, is a privilege, not a right. Students, staff and parents are advised that some sites on the Internet may contain material that is inappropriate and/or offensive. School administrators, faculty and staff do not condone the access to, nor permit the use of, such materials in the school environment. Students and parents will not hold any teacher, Hill-Murray School, or the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis responsible or legally liable for materials distributed or acquired from the Internet. Students are expected to use technology in ways that conform to school policies and behavior standards, as stated in the school Student Handbook.

The technology AUP applies to anyone using the Hill-Murray network, or using Hill-Murray devices whether inside the school building or off-premises. It is the responsibility of the end user to use online components in a respectful and responsible manner, including social networking sites. Hill-Murray owned devices are monitored, and there is no expectation of privacy. Students will be issued a laptop only after the parent/guardian and student have signed the Acceptable Use Policy. This policy is subject to change at any time, and can be accessed on the Hill-Murray website under “Student Life”.

I. Responsibilities
● Students are entirely responsible for the use and care of their laptops.
● Laptops are to be fully charged nightly and brought to school every day.
● Students may not use other students’ devices or laptops without permission.
● Students may not write on, place stickers on, or alter the appearance of their laptops
● Use only your assigned username and password.
● Log out of programs and websites when finished (e.g. Finalsite, Infinite Campus, etc)
● Students are entirely responsible for the use and care of their laptops. Laptops are always to
be in a backpack or case and must never be left unattended or unsecured.
● Students should not have food or beverages near their laptops.
● Personal electronic devices may be used with a teacher’s permission and for educational
purposes only*. Hill-Murray assumes no responsibility or liability for damages that may occur
as a result of using a personally owned device on the school network. *“Educational
purposes” is defined as anything which supports the school curriculum.
● Users will not use Hill-Murray’s system to violate copyright laws or usage licensing
● Users will give credit to all sources used whether quoted or summarized. This includes all
forms of media on the internet, such as graphics, movies, music and text. Ignorance of the
law is not immunity. View the full Hill-Murray’s Copyright policy here: ​
● We urge students to use caution and compassion in determining the messages and pictures
that they post to the Internet about themselves and others.
● Users should be aware of all activity on their accounts.
● Only access, upload, and download appropriate content, including language and graphics.
● Parents should be aware that students may be expected to use blogging technologies as
part of classroom work. By signing this document, you acknowledge parental/guardian
approval for students to use these technologies. To opt out of this approval, please submit an
additional email to building technology administration.
● Users may change their computer desktop backgrounds, and even decorate their laptop cases
(not the laptop directly) but it must remain appropriate, tasteful, and not violate the
welcoming spirit of Hill-Murray school.
● Students are expected to save and backup their own work in a cloud based service (Google
Drive is provided and recommended.)

II. Unaccepted Uses (Policy Violations)
A. Restrictions
1. Users may not conduct commercial activities for profit, advertise products or conduct
political lobbying on the network.

B. Hacking
1. Bypassing or altering of networks or equipment is a violation, including the use of proxy
servers to gain access to blocked sites.
2. Users will not attempt to gain or allow unauthorized access to Hill-Murray’s system
or any other system through the school’s network, attempt to or allow someone to log in
through another person’s account, or use computer accounts, access codes or network
identification other than those assigned to the user.

C. Vandalizing (The following are prohibited:)
1. Use or possession of hacking or illegal software.
2. Jailbreaking a device (any attempts to alter hardware or software).
3. Any misuse or damage to the school's computer network, whether intentional or through
4. Users will not use Hill-Murray’s system to vandalize, damage or disable the property of
another person or organization; make deliberate attempts to degrade or disrupt
equipment, software or system performance by spreading computer viruses or by another
other means; tamper with, modify or change the school system software, hardware or
wiring; take any action to violate the school system’s security; and in such a way as to
disrupt the use of the system by other users.

D. Purchasing
1. Users will not use the school system to offer or provide goods or services, or for product
2. Users will not sue the school system for the conduct of a business, for unauthorized
commercial purposes or for financial gain unrelated to the mission of the school.

E. Misrepresentation
1. Any misrepresentation of another student or staff member is a violation. This includes
items posted in blogs, wikis, social networking profiles/sites, and content transmitted
via text-messages or micro-blogging tools.
2. Any communication that represents personal views as those of the school or that
could be misinterpreted as such.

F. Cyberbullying
Using technology to engage in cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, cyber-harassment, etc. of
students and/or staff is unacceptable and prohibited both on and off campus. All
messages or communication of any kind sent from student laptops and/or Hill-Murray
accounts, whether at school or away from school, must contain only appropriate
content and may not be used to bully, harass, intimidate, insult, threaten, or gossip.

III. Consequences of Unaccepted Use
Consequences of violations of the AUP may include but are not limited to one or more of the
following: Loss of credit for an assignment and/or unit, suspension and possible dismissal,
loss of technology privileges, detention and the notification of the proper legal authorities, if
necessary. The Technology administrators will deem what is appropriate use, and their
decision is final. Any user identified as a security risk or having a history of problems with
other computer systems may be denied access to the internet.

A. Device Security
1. All unsecured devices will be picked up by school personnel and may be reclaimed at the
Technology office. To promote student responsibility and to increase device security, the
following policy will be in effect:
a. The first time a laptop is picked up, the student will be issued a warning.
b. The second time a device is picked up, the student will be given a detention and
the student’s parents will be notified.
c. The third time a laptop is picked up, the student will serve a half-day in-school
suspension and the parents will be notified.
d. The fourth time a device is picked up, the student will meet with the principal to
discuss further consequences including additional detention, suspension, or

B. Loss of Technology Privileges
1. Any user who creates or chooses to involve themselves in fraudulent misrepresentation
of another student or staff member will be subject to immediate dismissal from
Hill-Murray and may also face legal actions by the criminal court system.
2. If a student account is used inappropriately, that student could lose her/his computer

C. Confiscation of Personal Devices (not a school issued device)
1. Personal devices used inappropriately at school may be confiscated and may be picked
up from the Assistant Principal at the end of the school day.
2. Hill-Murray reserves the right to place restrictions on all devices when deemed necessary.

D.​ ​Detention
1. An hour of detention will be issued on the first offense.
2. Subsequent violations will result in a two hour after school detention.

IV. Liability
Use of Hill-Murray’s network system is at the user’s own risk. The school will not be responsible
for any damage users may suffer including, but not limited to, loss, damage or unavailability of
data stored, or for delays or changes in or interruptions of service or mis-deliveries or non-
deliveries of information or materials, regardless of the cause. The school is not responsible for
the accuracy or quality of any advice or information obtained through or stored on the school
system. The school will not be responsible for financial obligations arising through unauthorized
use of the school system or the Internet.

V. Security & Safety
1. Personal Safety
a. Be cautious when revealing personal information online.
b. Students should never agree to get together with someone they “meet” online without
first checking and getting approval from a parent.
c. No photographic devices are allowed in Hill-Murray locker rooms.
d. Users will not use the school system to access, review, upload, download, store, print,
post, transmit, receive or distribute pornographic, obscene or sexually-explicit material.

2. Privacy
Hill-Murray implements federally mandated filters and blocks on internet traffic, as required
by the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA). However, we reserve the right to place additional
application and website filters in place on an individual basis at the request of our teachers
or parents to address disruptive or dangerous behavior. These additional blocks include but
are not limited to:
● Time limits on gaming and entertainment.
● Time-Based restrictions on entertainment use during school hours.
● Social network blocking
● Chat blocking

The following stipulations are also in effect for any communications transmitted over
Hill-Murray network resources or on Hill-Murray technology.
1. The security of the many platforms of communication and information accessed over
the internet varies greatly. It should not be assumed that communications over the
internet are private.
2. Hill-Murray reserves the right to monitor all forms of electronic messaging that takes
place within these online components or on Hill-Murray equipment.
3. Hill-Murray reserves the right to review any materials on user accounts (including
4. Hill-Murray reserves the right to search anything brought on campus or school
sponsored events including, but not limited to, cell phones. Searches may include
inspection of text messages, images, recordings, voicemails, and call logs.

VI. Net Etiquette
● Use appropriate language and graphics.
● Students should tell parents and/or teachers immediately if they come across information
that makes them feel uncomfortable.
● Users should promptly disclose to the Director of Technology any message they
receive/view that violates Hill-Murray’s AUP.

VII. General Communication
When preparing communications through electronic platforms, including e-mail, text and instant
messages, blogs, discussion boards and wikis, greater effort should be made to ensure that
accuracy, security and control of the information are maintained and that communications are
professional and appropriate. Users should not post things anonymously.

VIII. Return of Hill-Murray Owned Devices
All school owned devices, including student laptops, power cords, or loaned devices must be
promptly returned to the Technology Office, or the student’s counselor after un-enrollment or
graduation. Any failure to return devices will result in an invoice for the replacement of the
machine, or withholding of the transfer of records.

By signing below, you (both guardian and student) are verifying that you understand Hill-Murray's Acceptable Use Policy and agree to abide by it.

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