Secret Talks : Interim Budget 2019
Secret Talks is Secret Scholars Club's signature property, it is a one of a kind panel discussion. Nothing about the talk is secret, other than the topic being treated as secret, a taboo or being swept under the rug. The idea is to create a platform for a curious audience to have a free and open debate.

The second edition of Secret Talks will open a constructive discussion on the topic 'Interim Budget 2019: Populist or Reformative?' This round of Secret Talks aims to get a deeper understanding of the impact & implications of the budget in a critical year for the country, courtesy the elections.

Date : Wednesday, 20 February 2019
Time : 6 PM - 8 PM (Doors will close at 6.15 PM sharp)
Location : FIO Cookhouse & Bar, Nehru Place

Secret Scholars Club, DSSC and restaurant rules apply.

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