#MSWF17 Musician Interest Form
Rock on! We're looking for all sorts of emerging local musicians to line our historic downtown square during this event. Play the violin? Dig on some bongos? How about the harmonica? Doo-wop, folk, or alternative... We want to hear from you!

Here are some details up front:
• YES, you can collect tips and sell merchandise.
• YES, a musician/artist lounge will be provided, stocked with food and drinks.
• YES, you will receive ONE General Admission ticket to partake in the wine trail after 7pm
• YES, you'll need to bring your own equipment.
• YES, we will list your name on our event materials and plug you during the event from the main stage.
• NO, we cannot approve your performance if it contains explicit lyrics.
• NO, you do not need a special permit to set up and perform on the sidewalks and designated areas.
• NO, your unique genre or talent isn't lost on us - let's hear it!

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How would you rate your level of interest?
(With 1 being "Ugh. How Did I End Up Here?" and 5 Being "It's On My Calendar - Can't Wait!")
Anything you want to add?
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