SGA Application
Events Committee Co-Coordinator:

o The Events Committee Co-Coordinator will consist of one position: one undergraduate or graduate student.
o Support the other Events Committee Chair in deciding which event proposals are necessary for the school
o Support proper advertisement of events on campus
o Ensure that each Events Committee chair holder has all materials and information needed for events to be set up on time and run smoothly
o Awareness of who is attending each event and will support the other chair in informing possible attendees of each event
o Attend as many of the SMFA Campus school hosted events as possible
o Document each event attended and organize documentation for future reference, particularly with student shows
o Attend each SGA meeting to share prospective events and follow up with the success of each event

First Year Representative:

o The First Year Representative will consist of one position: one first year undergraduate student with residency at the Beacon Street Dorms
o Will gather information including complaints and suggestions on the SMFA Campus and in the dorms from the first-year student body regularly
o Ensure that all minorities are fully represented and accommodated in the first-year student body to ensure a successful career on the SMFA Campus
o Collaborate with Events Committee to create events for community building on both the SMFA campus and on the Tufts campus
o Attend SGA meetings and share information, opinions, and complaints from the first-year student body

Nominees must:
o Be available to attend SGA meetings on a regular basis (in addition to their committee meeting schedule) Meetings alternate Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-6 PM
o Be full-time matriculated students
o Provide reasons for their interest in becoming a SGA Board member
o Provide any other information that may be reasonably expected to be in the interest of SGA
o The candidate must be able to complete the full term of their office. Candidates who wish to, but are unsure if they will return may apply, but graduating students or those not returning may not apply.


Applications Open-October 28
Applications Close-November 8
Ballots Open-November 11
Ballots Close-November 15
Results Announced-November 18
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