Regent Gardens
Imagine a Kirkintilloch where the community is at the heart…

A vibrant town – where people want to shop, meet and eat. Where the town is a focal point for the community and people can easily take part in what’s going on. A town known for its rich heritage and well-used and maintained open spaces. A town accessible and used by everyone. This is a vision we all want and was the vision shaped from what you all told us in the Community Consultation we carried out early in 2018.

Regent Gardens can play a pivotal role in delivering that town centre vision. We started a consultation in early summer, where we took information from previous consultations (Town Centre Masterplan, 2018 Community Action Plan) and asked what your top three priorities were. From almost 600 responses you have told us your top 3 priorities and set out a vision for what Regent Gardens could do for the town.

The top three were:
1. Space for markets, entertainment and events
2. More seating and picnic space
3. Children’s Play

At the Kirkintilloch Canal Festival we presented some ideas about how these priorities might work and we had well over 100 great conversations. We have fine tuned some of the options based on these discussions and we'd like to explore things a little further with you.
This visuals (below) illustrate what could be possible – creating space for events and growing across Union Street, making more of the Town Hall, and even expanding across Cowgate for larger events and celebrations.
View of large market day from Cowgate
Central view of the event space from Union Street (event space could be grass or hard standing).
But there are still some key decision areas. We want to know what you think of these.
Space Analysis
Priority 1 - Space for Events.
The number one priority was creating flexible space for events, so that Regent Gardens could be used for markets, performances and town events. These take place at different scales at different times of year. This approach gives maximum flexibility.
Example of flexible event space - concert or performance.
Example of flexible event space - Market or other 'village green' type event.
Do you support this approach to creating a flexible space in Regent Gardens?
Priority 2 - Seating and Picnic Space.
There are two options for an approach to more seating in Regent Gardens.

A more traditional bench seating approach, or using landscape features to create areas for seating, rest, picnics and socialising.
Option 1 - Example of informal landscape seating.
Option 2 - More traditional bench-style seating - with a contemporary look.
Contemporary bench-style seating with incidental play.
Which of these two options do you prefer?
Priority 3 - Play.
One of the priorities you identified was that you’d like to see Children’s Play as an element in Regent Gardens.

This could be formal play, which reduces the flexibility of the space.

Or it could be ‘incidental’ play where children can use objects to balance, jump around and use their imagination.

New formal play space is being developed in Peel Park – connecting to this is important.
Option 1 - Example of formal play area in Regent Gardens.
Option 1 - Formal play in Regent Gardens - viewed from Union St.
Option 2 - Example from elsewhere of what 'incidental play' could look like.
Option 2 - Example from elsewhere of what 'incidental play' could look like.
Which of these two options do you prefer?
Grass or Hard Surface.
A multi-use events space in the central area of Regent Gardens could be grass or hard surface.

Grass retains green space and makes a comfortable social space in good weather.

Hard space provides a greater degree of flexibility and can even be turned temporarily green.
Option 1 - Partial or full hard landscape surface on central area.
Option 2 - Full grass/green option for central area.
Which of these two options do you prefer?
Water feature.
Using the water and light, there is unique opportunity to create exciting installations and atmosphere and make the place feel a safe positive experience for all.

This should also include drinking water provision, and maybe the fountain restored and active.
Example of larger water feature - Aberdeen dancing water fountain
Which of these would you like to see in Regent Gardens?
Cover or Canopy.
Providing some shelter from the elements was a popular idea. This could be in the form of space for temporary canopies to be erected, or a more permanent solution that perhaps doesn’t give the same coverage but is available at all times.
Example of a canopy that could be erected for events with the right infrastructure in place.
Is this something you would like to see?
Union Street access
One of the desired outcomes while not given as a top priority, is a better connection between Regent Gardens, the Town Hall and Peel Park.

Union Street can be dealt with in a number of ways. The most immediate is creating a wider pavement on the Town Hall side. This is a very narrow footway as it is. This creates a better place for temporary road closures to have events the reach right across the space.

Permanent closure of Union Street with very restricted access for service vehicles, disabled access and emergency vehicles creates an even greater connection between the spaces. This removes the need to get a temporary road closure if an event wants to use the full space.

Both options enhance connections and access with Peel Park, particularly if trees are used to create a visual ‘avenue’.
Option 1 - Union Street with widened footway on Town Hall side.
Option 1 - Union Street with widened footpath - Regent Gardens shown with formal play.
Option 1 - View up Union Street - widened pavement.
Option 2 - Union Street fully pedestrianised - Regent Gardens shown with market on Cowgate and Union Street.
Option 2 - Union Street fully pedestrianised - Regent Gardens shown with flexible event space.
Option 2 - View up Union Street - full pedestrianisation.
Option 3 - Union Street in its current form.
Which of these options do you prefer?
Your input.
Your input has helped identify a vision and priorities, and will now help inform on the key decision areas.

The next stage is to use your input on these decisions to start to put together a final set of proposals for Regent Gardens. These will set the brief for the next phases of detailed design work.
Would you like to add any further comments on the above-mentioned priorities, or other ideas for Regent Gardens?
Your answer
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