Science Fair Scoring Rubric
Student Coordinated Number *
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Scientific Approach (Question) *
Has a well defined problem and was solved using scientific principles.
Hypothesis *
The hypothesis is written as an “If _, then _ because_.” Statement format.
Knowledge Again (Research) *
Student understood the topic, could identify key vocabulary, and could discuss the science topics behind their project.
Variables *
Students had their independent, dependent, and controlled variables identified and mentioned them in their oral overview of their project.
Materials & Procedure *
Materials and procedure were identified and briefly discussed or mentioned.
Analyzing Data (Charts/Graphs) *
Data is shown in neat and organized charts or graphs; the graphs/charts have a title and labeled x & y-axis; Students are able to describe what their graph/chart shows.
Results / Conclusion *
Student has written out and explained their results.; the conclusion correctly reflects what their data showed and students had properly discussed what they saw and learned.
Originality *
Was the project original in thought and design; was the presentation organized and structured.
Artistic Qualities *
Backboard is neat, organized, and appealing. No major spelling errors.
Oral Presentation *
The student spoke in loud and clear voice and was easy to follow. Eye contact was made and student was NOT dependent on their board. The information given was relevant and necessary.
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