CC GLAM Platform
We're looking to hear from you! Your answers will be used to inform the CC GLAM Platform session taking place at the May 2019 CC Summit in Lisbon. It doesn't matter whether you actively contribute to the CC GLAM Platform. This survey is aimed towards understanding what type of work is necessary in the broader "Open GLAM" space and how CC GLAM Platform can contribute to or enhance that.

The survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes to respond.
Are you aware of, or have been involved with, the work of the "OpenGLAM" platform? *
The work of the platform being things such as contributing to the @openglam twitter account, helping with the OpenGLAM Principles survey, or attending the OpenGLAM monthly calls.
Do you plan to, or would like to, be more involved with the work of the platform? *
From 1-5, please rate how much interest do you have in getting involved with these projects. *
0 = I don't know / I need more information about the project; 1 = low; 5 = high
Public Domain Awareness Jurisdiction Project -- making copyright clearance and marking of works by GLAM institutions easier
Contributing to the @openglam twitter account
Discussion of OpenGLAM Principles / Declaration
Revamping the OpenGLAM website (
Contributing to the Creative Commons GLAM Certificate
What do you think are the challenges for the CC GLAM Platform in the GLAM space?
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What do you think are the opportunities for the CC GLAM Platform in the GLAM space? What are the projects you think we should be working on?
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How are you involved in the GLAM space? *
Please choose all that apply.
This space is left blank to any other comments you want to make around the work of the platform.
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