This form is being used to allow for parishioners and visitors to register to attend Mass during the COVID-19 pandemic. At this moment, we are restricted to the number of people we can have attending Mass. People will rotate to allow for all the families/parishioners who are interested in attending a live Mass. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER FOR MULTIPLE MASSES. Please note that a Live Streaming Mass will still be available for those unable or still unsure about attending a Mass in person.

After you have registered, if you are among those able to attend, you will receive an email with detailed instructions as to what you must do when arriving at the church. PLEASE NOTE IF YOU ARE AMONG THOSE WHO ARE CONSIDERED VULNERABLE DUE TO AGE OR HEALTH YOU DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND MASS IN PERSON. THE LIVE STREAM MASSES ARE STILL THE BEST OPTION UNTIL THERE IS A VACCINE FOR THIS VIRUS.
Email address *
Family Name *
Number of those attending *
Date of Mass you wish to attend (Currently only one Mass is being offered for attendance on Sundays and that is at 9am.) Please note that you may not be able to attend your date choice due to capacity. We will confirm the date you are able to attend as soon as possible. *
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