SVCUE T3 Session Interest Survey
Help tailor the SVCUE Teach Through Technology Event sessions for you. Please take our survey to let the SVCUE events committee and those submitting session proposals know what you'd like to see.
Rate your interest in attending a session on each topic below. *
Not Interested
Very Interested
Student Reflection/Feedback
Project Based Learning (PBL)
Little Learners/#K2cantoo
Audio/Video Production
Google Classroom
Augmented/Virtual Reality
Subject Based- Math, ELA, History, etc.
Flipped/Blended Learning
EdCamp style session
CUE BOLD style Lesson Planning
Anything specific you are eager to learn about?
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Session lengths you enjoy most. *
Are you interested in sharing your knowledge as a presenter?
Are you interested in joining the T3 Planning Committee? Can you help out on the day of the event?
If yes, please leave your name and email.
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Would you like to have a student showcase at the event?
Do you have students that could showcase what they are learning/making at our event? If so, please share your name, email, and what your students would like to showcase.
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