Para-educator Training
Hello, and Happy 2016!

I wanted you to be one of the first to know that his year I'm working on some super cool resources to help para-educators succeed in today's classroom.

But before I can do this, I need your help! I want to make sure what I am offering targets the exact needs of para-educators in every classroom and school.

You see, through my work in both the classroom and as a consultant, I've found three main areas that impact para-educators the most.

1. Dealing with student behavior problems
2. Helping teach struggling learners
3. Working effectively with the other adults in the building

While these new resources will definitely help with all three areas, I want to know which is most important to you, and any areas that I may have missed.

Could you please take a quick moment and pick the one area that you think is most important (I know it's tough as they are all important, but if you could only have one...)

And just for taking two minutes of your time, I've created a short 2 page guide with some easy to implement tips to help with the areas above. It's yours for free. Just submit your answer and follow the link on the confirmation page.


Jason Gibson

If you could have resources as a para-educator to grow in one area, what is the most important to you? *
I know there are some other areas that I left off the list. If your "most important" area is not on the list, could you take a second to let me know what it is in the space below?
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