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( Inviting unique leaders to lead Kabira Konnect sessions)
Creative Kabira is working in the area of unleashing creative confidence in young citizens. It believes that every person is born unique, great and is capable of designing his or her own life.

Kabira Konnect is an initiative started by team Creative Kabira to generate diverse talks, discussions, workshops and community events for people. These sessions are for both young as well as adults and will impact them in taking charge of they lives, being creative, having a good community support and 'being on the go' always. We will be picking up different aspect of life such as personal growth, social relationship like family & friends, health & well-being, romantic relationships, academics & results Etc.

The objective of these sessions is to get larger community on-board both the participants and session leaders for people to experience diverse talks and workshops from different aspects of life. Here's inviting you to session leaders for our programs.These sessions will be conducted in different parts of the city.

We look forward to create vibrant spaces with YOU!

Register with us as a session leader
We look forward to conduct 104 open sessions in the year 2018 and would love to have you as a session leader with us. So lets set the context right first! We are ready to partner with everyone who aligns with our core vision ie. unleashing creative confidence in younger citizens of the world. So though we cannot promise high commercials out of this project to you, we do promise you will have fun working with us. We will make sure over a period of time we grow together as a community.

All these sessions are going to happen on Saturdays and Sundays of 2018 from morning 10 AM to 1 PM.

Send us a list of 5 best unique sessions that you would like to offer, impact created on participants and how can you make it fun and energizing.

These sessions should impact the participants in the following areas-
1) Self Leadership
2) Creativity
3) Better Community Support
4) Self Motivation

Following are the different aspects of life you can categorize your unique sessions in:
a) Personal Growth
b) Romantic Relationships
c) Family and Friends
d) Health
e) Creativity, Fun and Recreation
f) Physical Environment
g) Academics, Marks, Careers, Professions
h) Purpose and Meaning, Happiness

After considering the pool of sessions available with us we will select the most needed and exciting sessions. We will then get in touch with you to finalize the day, date and time.

Please Answer the following questions to help us understand you and your offering better.

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a)What is it that you as a person very strongly feel that the young citizens or adults need to experience their greatness individually or collectively? Why do you think so? *
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b) What sessions would you like to offer (maximum 5)? Please give their titles in bullets.
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c) Describe each session on the need, impact and fun.
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