Who is Action for Education?
We are reaching out to you to fill in this survey because we value your support, whether through volunteering, donating, or reading about our work. We are currently reflecting on the structure, mission, and vision of our organization. We want to include your thoughts into our conversation as an AFE collaborator.
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We've written a new mission statement. Does this capture what we do as an organization? *
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If no, what do you think we should change?
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We've highlighted 14 values that we believe our important to our organization. Please select the five that are most important to you. If you want to suggest another value, please write in other.
Pick one value from above. Briefly write down a few words about why you connect with this value (between 5 to 30 words).
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We've written our actions that we are taking in order to achieve our mission. Check off which action you are most interested in receiving emails about with relevant opportunities on how to get involved and updates. In "other" - we'd love to hear your suggestions on actions that we could take, or actions you are taking yourself that we can support you in doing.
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