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Welcome to the UGE Staffer Training Sign Up form! We ask that all of our staffers and volunteers attend the entire training, so as to ensure that everyone has the knowledge and skills to feel confident staffing and volunteering for the UGE! Staffer Training this year will be Sept. 23rd and 24th (locations TBD- though they will be wheelchair accessible) from 11AM-5PM. Lunch will be provided, we suggest you bring tupperware. If you are unable to attend any portion of the training, please let the collective know, so that we can work something out to make sure you get the training. You can contact us at { ugecollective[at]gmail[dot]com }. More access info will be provided once locations are determined, but we will have foods that meet dietary restrictions, we'll have fidget toys, and we'll have non-fluorescent and indirect lighting.
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Do you have any accessibility needs? [We will be holding training in a space accessible to folks who use wheelchairs. The space will be scent-reduced (i.e. we will be asking folks to not wear perfume/scented items, etc.). We will also have non-fluorescent lighting & fidget toys, as well as chairs if you need back support.]
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Are you interested in becoming a member of the collective? If so, we can provide more information, but in short it's a commitment of a collective meeting every two weeks plus associated tasks/follow up work, and standard staffing hours.
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