WaxFund Application to Receive Services
WaxFund is a pay-it-forward program by Babe Wax to help fund waxing services for low-income trans women and trans feminine people in the Portland area. Depending on the amount of funds received each month will determine how many applicants will be able to receive services. Applicants will be put in a pool and drawn randomly once a month. How you answer questions in the application will not effect your eligibility. Once you fill out an application, no need to apply again.
Feel free to contact Mads, the owner and operator of Babe Wax and WaxFund, by email babewax@gmail.com or by phone (503)928-9777.
Name (name you go by, first and last) *
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Email *
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Phone number
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What pronoun(s) do you use?
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What areas of the body would you like to get waxed? (facial hair that is thick/coarse cannot be waxed because of the risks involved. If you have facial hair that is thinner and sparse, we can definitely talk about that. Just let me know! If you have further questions about this, please include in the comment box at the end of the application.) *
Are you in need of bus fare to make your appointment at the Babe Wax location? (833 SE Main)
Have you waxed before? If so, was it a positive experience? Did you get the results you wanted? Why or why not?
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I understand that waxing is not permanent hair removal. I understand that it is my responsibility to have a proper aftercare routine that works for me to take care of my skin after waxing (if you are chosen to receive services, aftercare tools will be included in your service). *
I understand that WaxFund is reserved for low-income trans women and trans feminine people only. I have determined I qualify for this as I cannot afford regular priced waxing services. If my financial situation changes, I will decline any offerings from WaxFund in order to reserve the support for those in need. *
Would you like to be profiled as an applicant on WaxFund social media sites and blog in the future? This contribution can be vital in continuously collecting funds and more applicants being able to wax.
Do you have any needs to create and make your appointment? Any comments or further questions you have?
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