XYV Grant Application
The Xpand Your Vision (XYV) grant provides financial support to committed, gifted, individual artists and small unincorporated groups of collaborating artists. The grant is awarded to projects that have artistic merit and promise to enhance underserved communities (people of color, veterans, youth in poverty, etc) in access and exposure to art. The grant is open to emerging and established artists as well as organizations and nonprofits.

The XYV Grant for 2019-2020 is funded by Xpand Your Vision and the Xpand brand (more info: xpandbrand.org)

Eligibility: Each member or organization must meet the eligibility requirements and shall not circumvent these requirements-
* The applicant must be a resident of Buncombe or surrounding WNC Counties and have resided there twelve months.
* Applicant may not be a board or staff member of the sponsoring entity. In addition, the applicant may not be a spouse, family member, or significant other of a board or staff member of the sponsoring entity.
* Individual Applicants must be 18 years of age
* Organization/Company Applicants must provide primary programming and business in WNC

The XYVG Grant will fund:
* Program Enhancements [cost of purchasing materials or services to increase awareness, or reach]
* Equipment [the cost of purchasing equipment to implement the project]
* Operations [staff pay/training, advanced study, coaching, or workshops that will enhance the programs services]
* Grants may NOT be used for scholarships to assist in obtaining degrees, either academic or professional.

The XYVG is designed to award projects that will advance the individual or organization's creative program in demonstrable ways. The relationship of the project to the community advancement of the proposed project must be clearly defined in the “Narrative” section of the application.

Additional Information:
* Credit Line: If you create any printed materials relating to your project, you must include Xpand Your Vision’s logo and the following line of credit: “This project was supported by an XYV Grant from the Xpand brand, which is dedicated to activating creativity to synthesize change.
* You will be required to use quantitative and/or qualitative impact measurement tools (for instance: interviews, surveys, focus group meetings, access and/or usage analysis…) to assess your project’s effectiveness.

A volunteer panel will evaluate applications based upon the following criteria:
* Feasibility and realistic budget
* Program Impact (long-term effects and amount of people)
* Innovation of idea
* Equity and inclusion

The application will be open from March 15th - May 15th, 2019
Finalists will be available for community input at Xpand Fest, June 8, 2019
Awardees will be notified by June 30, 2019

For more information or questions please visit:
http://www.xpandbrand.org/xyv-grants/ or email xpandbrandinfo@gmail.com

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