CIF Lab Swipe Access Form
To access the CIF Computer Lab (located on the basement of Anderson), please fill out this form.
You MUST use your University of Rochester email when filling out this form!

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What is your discord username? (example: name#0000) You must be in the CIF Discord server, which you can join at One of the Tech Directors will contact you via Discord when your lab account is ready.
What is your netID? This is the prefix to your UR email. (example: jappleseed1)
What is your Student ID? This is the 8 digit number. (example: 12345678)
On your physical Student ID card, the top left should have "LCC" and then a number. What is that number?
Do you accept the terms outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy available here?
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Great! One of the tech directors will get back to you with confirmation of your lab swipe access, as well as further instructions on how to access your lab account (for signing in on lab computers and logging on to CIF servers).
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