Relaunch Planning - The Hands On Stuff!
As we plan for relaunch, we need people who will come together to help us plan for re-entry into our physical space. There are many government requirements we need to comply with regarding our physical spaces - including limiting our numbers, maintaining physical distancing, providing hand sanitation stations, and regular disinfecting of used spaces. In order to help us do these things well, we need volunteers. We need people to help set up our physical spaces to allow us to have in person gatherings (including discerning what equipment and supplies we will need and physically rearranging the spaces as necessary). We need people who will help us determine best practices for how we can do the required "at the door" assessments and provide instructions in following regulations including how many volunteers will be needed each week and what their responsibilities will be. And we need people who will help establish best practices for regular cleaning - including what volunteers will be needed each week and what their responsibilities will be.

If you are interested in being a part of one of these teams - our physical set-up team; our greeting team; or our cleaning team - please fill out the form below so that we can follow up with you. Thank you!
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