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Optimize Fitness & Performance is a strength training gym, first and foremost.

We believe that strength training is the key to physical fitness - and we have the scientific evidence to prove it.
Our mission is to help as many people as possible discover their own love for strength training and physical fitness.
From total beginners to college athletes to movie stars - we've helped hundreds of people get into top shape.

Our clients learn how to live healthy, strong, and active lives. All are welcome, all are encouraged.
Our methods are based on cutting-edge research and industry gold-standard best practices.
Our coaches have degrees in exercise science, top certifications, and over 10,000 hours of hands-on experience.

Every client receives an individualized workout plan.
Strength training, cardio workouts, flexibility, and ab workouts are all included.
Plus, they lose fat and build lean muscle with the help of their own nutrition & accountability coach.

We're accepting 10 new clients who:

- Want to discover what their body is really capable of
- Are ready to be stronger, leaner, and have more energy
- Are willing to invest between $249 and $459 per month into their health and fitness

If this is you, please fill out the form below.

Must be willing to travel to Optimize Fitness & Performance in Franklin, MA for personal training sessions.
All eligible applicants will be contacted by phone.

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