2019-20 Coaching & Club Evaluation Survey
Thank you for being a part of the Wilson Youth Soccer Association and choosing to take part in this survey to help evaluate our coaching staff. By completing this survey, we are better able to gauge the success of our coaches and their impact on both our player and parent members.

We welcome comments, ratings, and suggestions that are both positive and negative. We would like to share with our coaches the ways in which they are succeeding as much as we would like to address areas they may need to improve.

You may submit MULTIPLE EVALUATIONS if you wish. Parents and players are welcome to submit evaluations. The more information we have, the better.

Please be reminded that you have the option to answer this survey ANONYMOUSLY. The settings of the survey are set so that your contact information is not recorded. You have the option to include your name and e-mail address, if you choose.

Please provide your honest feedback and allow us to continue to build on areas in which we are experiencing success and others where we must improve the member experience.
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