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Welcome! This application form is for acceptance into the VentureHue ACCESS community. This community includes founders, ecosystem builders, and investors that have a mission to work with or serve underserved, underrepresented, and overlooked groups in entrepreneurship. The purpose of the community is to create a safe space for like-minded people to network and share resources that can help us all build sustainable businesses and thriving communities.

Benefits of Joining:
  • Get access to our funder database which includes grant-makers, lenders, and investors.
  • Get exclusive invites to networking events so you can build new connections and relationships. 
  • Get invited to apply for the VentureHue ACCESS Lab  (our capital readiness accelerator).
  • Be the first to know about funding opportunities from VentureHue and our network.
How We Communicate: We are in the process of building a custom community platform, however, we are currently using Slack to communicate with community members. If your application is accepted, you will receive an invite to our Slack Channel. Once the custom community platform launches, we will notify all community members.

Terms: By clicking "Submit", I agree that I am sharing my application with VentureHue, that VentureHue may contact me by using the contact information provided on the application, and that I have read and agree to VentureHue's Privacy Policy. I also understand that if I am selected as a community member, I may be asked to participate in marketing activities and that I may be contacted at a later date to share the impact joining this community has had on my business. Any comments or feedback you provide on the impact of being a member may be used in marketing materials shared on VentureHue's social media and website pages. We will notify you beforehand.

Note: This is a free-membership community. There is no cost to join however your application must be approved to be accepted in.

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