Purina PROPLAN Optidigest (Adult)
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Product Information

Our food for dogs with sensitive digestion contains a vet and nutritionist - developed combination of nutrients specific to your dog’s age, size and needs called OPTIDIGEST®. The balance of vitamins and minerals has been adjusted in our sensitive digestion dog food specifically for medium-sized adult dogs, and it is also suitable for gestating or lactating bitches.

The prebiotic source in OPTIDIGEST® is clinically proven to help improve one of the common causes of sensitive digestion, intestinal microflora imbalance. It also encourages good faecal consistency, ensuring your dog’s digestion is working as smoothly as it can.

OPTIDIGEST® helps improve microflora balance and promotes good quality faeces, thanks to the inclusion of natural source of prebiotic (scientifically proven to increase bifidobacteria for a better gut microflora balance) egg and bentonite, a natural clay.
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