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The Sunflower Project is excited to launch a new initiative and awareness campaign called Sunflower Stories! We understand that being able to share your story can be empowering and freeing, and we want to give survivors of sexual violence the opportunity to speak their truth and have their story heard. This could be in many forms such as through narratives, letters, poems, art, or any way that the survivor feels comfortable sharing. Submissions can be public or anonymous. The purpose of Sunflower Stories is to provide a sense of release to the survivor by telling their story and to raise awareness of how sexual violence is affecting thousands of Americans daily.

Your submission is voluntary, and you can make it as public or private, long or short, and exactly how you want. We believe that each survivor should have the opportunity to share their story and have their voice heard in the way that they choose.

At any time you want to retract your submission or if you have any questions at all, just send in a contact form on the website or an email to

Thank you for being brave and sharing your story with us. We are thrilled to celebrate you and let your story be heard.
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