Family time survey by Harrison's Fund
At Harrison's Fund, our motto is 'Make Time' as we believe making time to spend time with your family is one of the most important things you can do. Unfortunately, families battling Duchenne are acutely aware of time and their lack of it due to the fatal progression of this horrendous disease.

As part of our Harrison's Brunch campaign this year we'd like to know how much quality time you spend together as a family (E.g For the purposes of this survey, we define quality time as time spent with your immediate family WITHOUT distractions of household chores, undertaking work-related tasks, answering emails or using mobile phones etc). Please fill in the answers below. Thank you.

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5.) What is your role in your family?
6.) How many children do you have?
7.) How old is your first child?
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9.) How old is your third child?
10.) If more than four, what are their ages?
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11.) How much quality time do you spend with your family each day?
12.) What time of day do you spend this quality time together?
13.) When do you spend this quality time?
14.) In the last year has the time you have spent increased or decreased?
15.) If decreased, is this due to which of the following
16.) If increased, why has it increased?
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17.) How do you most frequently spend your family time together? Pick one
18.) If you had an extra few hours in a day to spend time with your family, how would you spend it? Pick one
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