Parent/Guardian Calais Middle/High School and Alternative School Fall 2020 Re-entry Survey
The Calais School Department is seeking feedback from our parents and guardians in an attempt to best serve our students and families. The Re-entry Committee will use the data to create a proposed plan for the Calais School Department's reopening in the Fall of 2020. This plan will receive final approval from the Calais School Committee and Superintendent Jenkins. Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey and helping us create a plan that is best for our students, families, staff, and communities.
What barriers did you and your student(s) face during the March - June, 2020 distance learning? Please check all that apply. *
If schools were to reopen in the Fall of 2020, how likely are you to send your student(s) to school? *
Please rate your preference for student learning in the Fall of 2020. *
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Fourth Choice
Return full-time to Calais Middle/High School or Calais Alternative School
A mixture of distance learning and on-site schooling
Continued distance learning
My student(s) will not be returning to school, and I will assume responsibility through a home schooling program
If school were to reopen in the Fall of 2020, what mode of transportation would you prefer? *
Would you encourage your student(s) to wear a face mask while at school and school activities? *
Would your student: *
Where would you prefer students eat breakfast and lunch? *
In your opinion, which of the following CDC guidelines and/or general precautions would definitely need to be included in the Calais School Department's Re-entry Plan for Fall 2020? Please check all that apply. *
There are still many unknowns with Covid-19, and the Calais School Department understands some families may have worries about returning to school. (For example, pre-existing health conditions of students or family members, elderlies living in the same home, etc.) What apprehensions do you have regarding your student(s) return to school in the Fall?
What obstacles might your student(s) face if returning to school in Fall of 2020? (For example, transportation, access to face masks, parent/guardian sick time available, etc.)
Do you have any additional feedback that may be useful for the Committee to consider when creating the Calais School Department re-entry plan for Fall 2020.
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