Crystal Lake Publishing marketing/branding questionnaire
Help us better understand your experience in an effort to improve our marketing and branding efforts in 2021
How/where did you first hear about Crystal Lake Publishing? *
Where do you interact with us most online?
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Which online platforms do you frequent where you’ve never heard of Crystal Lake, but expected to?
When it comes to tweets and social media posts, are you more drawn to the book’s cover, description, a review from a reader, or a blurb from another author?
Please name a few podcasts you listen to, where we should perhaps advertise upcoming releases?
Have you ever received a Goodreads recommendation from Crystal Lake Publishing’s Goodreads profile? If so, have you ever purchased a book because of that recommendation?
Where do you find most of the book recommendations that you act on?
Do you have any favorite book reviewers we need to check out?
Do you follow any Instagram or YouTube reviewers we should know about?
Who is your favorite/most trusted online seller/platform for eBooks?
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Are you a Kindle Unlimited subscriber on Amazon?
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Do you read the front and back matter inside our books? If you enjoy a book, do you check out the other recommendations for similar titles or other books by the author?
Other than Crystal Lake Publishing, are there any creators/authors/publishers you follow on Patreon?
Do you attend online book launch events? Partake in challenges and giveaways like sharing your purchase/receipt for a chance at another prize?
Do you find the idea of a Crystal Lake Publishing magazine exciting (PDF format)?
What is your favorite aspect of Crystal Lake Publishing?
Where/how do you think we can improve?
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