Agile Africa 2017 Talk Submissions
Thank you for your interest in submitting one or more talks to the Agile Africa 2017 conference taking place 21-22 August in Johannesburg!

Please prepare your talk submission and fill in the form below before 31 May. After you have submitted, we will email you a link to edit your submission up until 4 June.

Speakers will be notified by 12 June and the program will be finalised.

• The conference promotes a broad set of Agile-related topics (the Categories selection below will give you a feel of this). We especially value presentations that build on real-life experience. We are aiming for a diverse set of talks and a diverse bunch of delegates - so bring your own flavour to it!
• Please don't submit more than 3 talks - quality will get you a spot, not quantity.
• Submit as soon as you have prepared your talk idea; that will give us the chance to send you some feedback before the deadline and increase your chances.
• Speakers and co-speakers shall be granted a free entrance ticket to the conference.
• You will have to carry your own travel costs if living in South Africa (we will give some financial support to speakers from other countries).

Good luck, have fun.

Start with a good title that is meaningful to the topic. This is your first opportunity to make a good impression. It will not help if it's catchy, but unclear what the talk is about.
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You will receive a link to edit your submission on this email, and we will give you feedback and communicate via this address.
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The summary/abstract is the marketing for your session. Design it to persuade people to attend. Many good abstracts begin with a startling statement or compelling question. Defining a problem statement and making a call to action can be an effective technique. Great abstracts draw on readers’ emotions, such as appealing to a pain they are feeling or an idea about which they are excited.Although there is a dropdown to select audience level, include details here, like, "this session is targeted at senior managers inside the company who want to introduce XP and Scrum but are not sure how to get started". Above all, ensure your abstract is well written and your ideas are clearly articulated. It should be free of grammatical and spelling mistakes.
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Talk Type
It would help the reviewers if you are flexible and select multiple options
Learning Outcomes
A succinct list of clear learning outcomes is critical to a good submission. List what people will take away. For example, "Learn that effective and efficient meetings are focused strategically, tactically or daily." Badly written learning outcomes say things like "Get an understanding of agile" or "Learn new coding techniques." Use bullet points and keep the list succinct. We won't believe you if you have too many learning outcomes.
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Select a couple or add another if it does not fit one of the options
Pre-requisite Knowledge
What knowledge do you assume the audience has?
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Session Relevance, Format and Outline (to help review panel)
This part of the submission form will only be seen by the reviewers and program team. It is your opportunity to speak directly to them. You don’t need to be formal in your language or writing style here.This section should describe the mechanics of what you want to do in the session. It should include timings, outlines, exercises, etc - anything that helps the review team understand your thinking behind the session and how you will manage it.For example, have you given this presentation before or is it new? If available, provide a link to a video or other information. If it's new, call that out.
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Your Bio
A short description of who you are, what you are passionate about, what roles you play and your experience. This will be visible on the website, so make sure you present yourself well.
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Your Presentation History
Tell your story with specifics. Help reviewers get a sense of your speaking style. Are you a seasoned speaker or are you new to presenting? Providing a link to a video clip of you presenting, even on another topic could be very helpful to the reviewers. Don't worry if you are still new to public speaking, but make sure you select the option to get tutoring in that case.
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Would you like to get professional tutoring on public speaking?
This is HIGHLY recommended if you are a less experienced speaker. We will assist you in polishing your talk and learn some valuable skills along the way. Mandatory if this is your first talk.
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